Best Outdoor Kegerator

Best Outdoor Kegerator Reviews
Best Outdoor Kegerator Reviews

Kegerators are used to chill and dispense beer, a combination of a refrigerator and a keg. The refrigerator preserves beers, brews, and drinks in large quantities preserving the taste, fizzes, and flavor. It is used to store a keg of beer and dispense it through a faucet at home, parties, and bars.

You can relax at home with a glass of beer after a stressful day, without worrying about how to get ice for your brew.

Kegerators look like refrigerators but are a bit different in features. The inert gas makes dispensing of beer easy and hassle-free. With a Kegerator, you buy your beer in bulk and save some money for yourself.

EdgeStar KC2000SSTWIN Full Size Stainless Steel Dual Tap Kegerator & Draft Beer Dispenser - Stainless Steel
  • Stores up to a full sized half shell Sankey standard keg or two sixth kegs; does NOT support use of Coors, Miller rubberized or other oversized kegs
  • Temperatures: Low 30s to mid 40s degrees; rolling casters included for easy mobility; Protective floor plate
  • For freestanding use only and indoor use only; 5 lb. CO2 cylinder (supplied empty) included with external or internal mounting capabilities

The thermostat in this product is capable of maintaining an ultra-low temperature reaching low 30s and mid 40s degrees Fahrenheit, large enough to hold a full-size keg although 4 inches lesser in width than the standard full-size Kegerator. You create more interior space by installing the gas tank at the back of the Kegerator

This product is one of the best Kegerator with a reversible door, rolling casters for movement, internal and external mounting capabilities, indoor use only, uses freestanding installation, protective floor plate, easy refrigerator conversion, two drip tray, single gauge regulator, chrome-plated brass tap, black faucet handle, spanner tap wrench, and an empty 5lb aluminum tank.

Edgestar full-size dual tap stainless Kegerator does not support the use of oversized kegs, Miller kegs, rubberized kegs, or Coors but can store up to one pony key or one slim pony keg or one full keg (1/2 Barrel), or two Cornelius homebrew kegs.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Movable
  • Less noise
  • Freestanding


  • Not suitable for all kegs.
  • No digital temp display
EdgeStar KC2000 Full Size Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler
  • Holds US Standard 1/4 and 1/2 Kegs. Does NOT support use of Coors, Miller, rubberized or other oversized kegs
  • Temp Range: Low 30's to Mid 40's; Easy conversion to a refrigerator; 5 lbs CO2 cylinder included (supplied empty)
  • Dimensions: 50-7/16" H (includes tap & casters) x 20-3/16" W x 20-1/16" D (Depth w/ external tank mounted: 30-1/2") (Height w/out tap and casters: 33-1/8"), Warranty: 90 days labor, 1 year parts

The acceptable Configurations on this Kegerator includes any of these; one slim-pony keg of 1/4 barrel or one full-size keg of 124 pints or one posting of 62 pints or two Cornelius home brew kegs or two sixth barrel kegs but does not support Miller, Coors, rubberized, or oversized kegs. This product comes with a warranty of one year on its parts and 90 days of labor.

Protective metal floor plate enhances its durability, and caster wheels allow easy movement of the Kegerator, drip trays are used to catch spills, messes, and drips. This product has a keg beer cooler that can reach temperatures as low as the 30s to mid 40s degrees Fahrenheit, reversible door, and can be converted to a refrigerator. The method of installation is freestanding. This product features a spanner faucet wrench, two drip trays, a gauge regulator, a chrome-plated brass tap, an empty 5lb aluminum Co2 cylinder tank, and chrome safety room.


  • Easy to set
  • Durable
  • Less noise
  • Versatile


  • Small interior capacity
Kegco K309SS-124" Wide Homebrew Single Tap Stainless Steel Digital Kegerator
  • Dispense kit includes empty 5 lb. aluminum co2 tank, a dual gauge regulator, and ball lock keg coulplers
  • Spacious interior can be used to store three home brew kegs or could be used as a fermentation chamber or an all-refrigerator
  • Digital temperature display with easy to use push button controls

Kegco K309SS-1 Kegerator is constructed with 100% stainless steel parts, quick cooling technology, and a complete dispenser kit. This product has a digital temperature display, dual draft tower, fan-forced cooling, deep chill function, a removable drip tray, easy-rolling casters, and a chrome guardrail.

You can easily convert this Kegerator into a regular refrigerator or a shelf fridge to store your bottled beers. This Kegerator can dispense up to two separate beverages and can be moved easily with the easy-roll casters that can be locked to prevent it from rolling on its own.

This product has a large keg capacity that can hold an oversized keg and up to three smaller kegs, including rubber kegs, miller kegs, and Coors kegs. The deep chill function allows you to cool a warm beer keg

This product is easy to set and control with the digital temperature control, with a temperature that ranges from low 32 to 75 degrees. The LED screen shows the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit The fan-forced cooling provides even and rapid cooling


  • Temperature control
  • Quick cooling technology
  • Dual set up
  • LED display


  • Expensive
EdgeStar KC1000SS Craft Brew Kegerator for 1/6 Barrel and Cornelius Kegs
  • Includes: One (1) 2.5 stainless steel beer tower with stainless steel faucet; One (1) 2.5 lb CO2 tank (empty); One (1) single gauge regulator; One (1) stainless steel D coupler; One (1) 5 ft. 3/16 in ID beer line; One (1) 5/16 in ID gas line
  • PLEASE NOTE: This kegerator is designed to fit one sixth barrel or one Cornelius keg only
  • If planning to use a ball lock keg a homebrew conversion kit will need to be purchased separately

Edgestar  KC1000SS is designed to hold one Cornelius keg or one-sixth barrel only. This product comes with an empty 2.5 lb CO2 tank, a gauge regulator, a stainless steel D coupler, a 2.5 stainless steel beer tower with a faucet, a 5ft 3/16 in ID beer line, and ID gas line.

This product can fit into a smaller space compared with other Kegerator, with its slim 17.5 inches width without sacrificing any capacity. A solid stainless steel door and a draft tower with LED light give it a quality and sleek look, performance, and feel. The digital control panel allows you to set, adjust, and maintain an ultra-low temperature without freezing the keg for as low as 32 degrees.

Edgestar KC1000SS Kegerator has a digital thermostat with a blue LED light. The internal circulation fan ensures an even temperature inside the Kegerator. This product is not compatible with casters and uses freestanding installation.


  • LED light
  • Digital thermostat
  • Built-in lock for safety
  • Detachable drip tray
  • Reversible door


  • Not versatile
  • Easily get dent
EdgeStar KC3000SSTWIN Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator with Digital Display - Black and Stainless Steel
  • PLEASE NOTE: Part number BR3001SS will be shown on the retail box and all needed items that comprise the KC3000SSTWIN will be included within this same box; Freestanding operation only; Digital display; Adjustable temperature
  • Deep chill mode; Dispensing components included; Black cabinet & stainless steel door
  • Guard rail, drip tray, & casters included; Includes two (2) wire shelves for refrigerator use

This product includes casters, has an integrated drip tray that holds spillage, and can be detachable for convenient cleaning and emptying of drips. The external tank mount can easily be installed on the gas tank at the back, creating more internal space. Due to the ample space, it can store oversized kegs, full-size half-barrel kegs, slim quarter kegs, pony kegs, and up to three 1/6 barrel kegs.

This Kegerator operates freestanding, has an adjustable temperature, two-wire racks, and a digital display. The temperature ranges from 32 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 to 10 degrees Celsius.

EdgeStar KC3000SS Full Size Kegerator features casters, deep chill mode, digital display, guard rail, chrome safety rail, Stainless steel door, black cabinet, gauge regulator, empty aluminum tank, domestic D system donkey coupler, chrome-plated brass faucet, and stainless steel column draft tower.

The deep chill function activates the cooling compressor into overdrive when touched returns the temperature to its regular cooling mode. The digital display is easy to operate and allows you to control and monitor the temperature settings to ensure your drinks remain cold, fresh, and chilled. This product has a Stainless Steel door that is comfortable to hold.


  • Adjustable temperature
  • Durable
  • Movable
  • Deep chill function
  • Easy to assemble


  • Expensive
Kegco K309SS-1 Keg Dispenser
  • Dispense kit includes empty 5 lb. aluminum co2 tank, a dual gauge regulator, and ball lock keg coulplers
  • Spacious interior can be used to store three home brew kegs or could be used as a fermentation chamber or an all-refrigerator
  • Deep chill functionality allows to quickly drop the internal temperature of your keg

Kegco K309SS-1 Keg has a large keg capacity, spacious enough to hold any full-size keg with ease. This product can hold up to three 5 gallons of Cornelius home brew kegs or two 5 gallons of D system kegs and comes with a single faucet

Digital temperature control allows you to set, adjust, and monitor your drinks with ease. The display shows the temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees. The fan-forced function ensures super cool, rapid, and even temperature within the Kegerator. To use this product as a fermentation chamber to brew your beer, you can set as high as 75 degrees Fahrenheit and for a cold drink as low as 32 degrees.

The 100% polished stainless steel draft tower is fitted with a black faucet knob, a chrome standard beer faucet, and a 5-inch beer line. The dual gauge CO2 regulator shows when the tank is almost low on gas and measures the output pressure, the empty aluminum tank has an electric red finish that protects it against wear and corrosion.


  • High quality
  • Spacious
  • Versatile
  • Dispenser kit


  • Single faucet
Kegco Keg Dispenser
  • Features a reversible door | removable guardrail | Includes Keg dispenser / Gas and Beer lines / Co2 tank (ships empty) / & regulator
  • Product dimensions – 25” D x 24” W x 33.25” H | Electrical – 115V / 60 Hz / 1.7 running amps | Fits barrels – One full size (1/2) / One Pony size (1/4) / One slim (1/4) / Two 1/6 or Three 5 gallon ball / pin lock Keg
  • Recommended clearance around the unit – 3” on all sides | Do not expose outdoor | Temperature range – 32ᵒ to 75ᵒ

This multi-purpose Kegerator uses an aluminum tank made with high-quality aluminum alloy with high corrosion-resistant material and powder coated with an epoxy finish and an electric red that protects it from wear and rust, thereby acting as an extra layer.

It has a wider temperature range from which you can view your temperature settings in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, and control the temperature with just a button. Chrome guard rail prevents the glasses from sliding off the top of the Kegerator.

This product comes with an upgraded dispenser kit like a dual faucet, stainless steel draft beer tower, dual gauge regulator. You can set the temperature low enough for dispensing cold drinks and high enough for a fermentation chamber. Fan forced cooling provides consistent and even cooling within the Kegerator. The interior is wide enough to hold up to 3 to 5 gallons of homebrew kegs, and it permits you to tap from two kegs, dispensing from one and keeping the other cool. You can easily convert this product to a refrigerator with the two included racks.


  • Versatile
  • Digital temperature control
  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble


  • Costly
Danby DKC054A1BSL2DB 5.4 Cu.Ft. Double Tap Kegerator, Auto Defrost and Mechanical Thermostat, Keg Cooler with Scratch-Resistant Worktop and Reversible Door Hinge, Steel
  • This Danby Dual-Tap Kegerator is the ideal kegerator to keep your favorite beverage on tap
  • 5.4 Cubic Feet (153 Liters) Capacity: This kegerator fridge has a spacious capacity of 5.4 cu. ft.
  • Clean Bright and Modern: Spotless steel finish that looks identical to real stainless steel, but without the smudging

This dual tap Kegerator allows you to tap from two different cold beers at once and has an auto defrosting function that makes maintenance hassle-free. This product from Danby comes with an accurate mechanical thermostat to keep the beers cold has a stainless steel finish that is scratch-resistant

The freestanding installation has a spotless steel finish that looks like real stainless steel without smudging which makes it easy to clean. The keg cooler has a gauge regulator, CO2 aluminum tank, and optional swivel casters for easy mobility and portability.

The drip tray stops any wanted overflows from spilling, keeping your station clean and allowing you to collect the spills with easy, a chrome guard rail that prevents your glasses from falling off from the top. The door hinge is reversible, which allows you to fix it either on the left or on the right to optimize any of your preferred space.


  • Dual function
  • scratch resistant
  • Movable
  • auto defrost function


  • Manual temperature
EdgeStar KC1500SS 15" Built-In Stainless Steel Kegerator
  • Front ventilation; Forced air refrigeration; Digital thermostat; Interior LED lighting
  • Forced air-cooled beer tower; Safety lock; Reversible door; Professional door handle
  • Stainless steel guardrail & drip tray; Four (4) casters included; Black cabinet & stainless steel door; Reinforced stainless steel floor

Edgestar KC1500SS Kegerator is built-in, unlike the others that are freestanding, it can be built under-counter or cabinet. This product is pocket-friendly, constructed with durable stainless steel that can withstand daily usage. It comes with a front vent, interior LED lights, digital temperature control, forced-air refrigeration, reversible door, Stainless steel guardrail, drip tray, four casters, forced air-cooled beer tower, door handle, and a safety lock.

Your homebrew and beers remain cool from your keg to glass with the forced air refrigerator. The electronic control function is used to set and monitor the interior lighting and temperature easily.

Interior lights illuminate your keg without emitting heat and consume less energy. Even, it distributes cold air to eliminate hot spots. The kegs stay cold even when the integrated thermostat is set for as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit and high as 60 degrees.

The possible keg configurations are one Cornelius keg, one slim quarter, or one 1/6 barrel. This product has a reversible door hinge that allows you to fix it in a direction that suits you or flow along with your cabinet.


  • LED lights
  • Reversible door
  • Safety lock
  • Easy to clean


  • One faucet

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Here are some of the essential things you need to consider before purchasing a Kegerator for your home or business.

Many Kegerators take about three to four square feet of floor space, and even more for multiple keg systems because of the draft tower on top. You will need to create a dedicated space for your Kegerator because it is quite a large machine that requires space. You also make sure you choose a Kegerator that fits into the available space you have

Kegerators can be freestanding or built-in models, some are for indoor use while others are for outdoors. It could be for a home bar or a commercial draft system.

Freestanding Kegerator is easy to move around because they come with casters, you need 2 to 3 inches between the wall and the back of the Kegerator for proper ventilation.

Built-in Kegerators are installed in cabinets or countertops, and the vent is usually in front, although it is expensive, you save some space with this type of installation.

Some Kegerators come with extra features like a drip tray, dual faucet, digital display, digital temperature display, dual pressure regulator, handles, casters, spanner wrench.

While others come with none of these features, and sometimes you need to buy some parts. So you need to know if you want a Kegerator with these features and how best it will suit your needs.

You need to think about the size of the Kegerator and the number of kegs it can hold. The size and shape of the keg have a long way to go. Different kegs need different attachments to enable you to tap. There are many types of them to choose from; it is necessary to check if the Kegerator you want to buy can accommodate the size of kegs you want to use.

There will always be a need to assemble the parts, you might need the help of a professional if you find it challenging to assemble the pieces together, or you could also read the manual or watch the online manual provided by the manufacturer.

The best Kegerator brands are Edgestar KC3000SS and Kegco K309SS

Edgestar KC3000SS is one of the best Kegerators because it features an advanced beer dispensing function and a digital display feature. This product is highly compatible with different kinds of kegs and versatile.

Kegco K309SS keg dispenser comes as a freestanding option with dual faucets that can serve up to two of your favorite beers and has an advanced cooling system. This product operates quietly and is movable. It can also hold up to 3 smaller home brews and an oversized keg.

A Kegerator is a must-have for beer lovers, this product preserves your drink for long and prevents it from losing its taste and flavor, leaving you refreshed with a chill beer. The feeling you derive after pouring yourself a cold beer from a Kegerator after a stressful day is next to none. Rather than going to a bar, you can enjoy a draft beer at home.

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